To Be Bankable Your Business Must Have At Least 10 Reporting Trade-lines

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To Be Bankable Your Business Must Have At Least 10 Reporting Tradelines. Here They Are ...

Bankable is an easy concept to grasp. In your personal world if you were 30 years old and you had only 2 reporting trade-lines on your personal credit reports would the bank approve you for a $300,000 mortgage? Of course not! 

Trade-line simply means someone is reporting your payment history to the credit agencies. When a business lender pulls your business credit reports and they see less than 10 reporting trade-lines then your business is not bankable. That will not change until you decide to do something about it.

We provide you with a package of 10 reporting business credit trade-lines. All available with no credit inquiries and no personal guarantees. They are for essential everyday business services and they help you build strong business credit profiles the fastest way possible. 

The Become Bankable Package

10 Business Credit Reporting Trade-lines
For Your Business To Become Bankable

10 Reporting Trade-lines To Become Bankable ... Only $497 A Month

This set of 10 reporting business credit trade-lines gets you on your way to making your business bankable. Having Lender Compliance completed is a vital part of becoming bankable, this package includes completing Lender Compliance for you. 

With this Bankable Package you will meet the 10 reporting trade-lines requirement and you can build 70 or higher business credit scores. With one simple and easy payment each month you will have the 10 reporting trade-lines you need to become bankable and you will receive excellent quality and value essential business services. Click on each reporting trade-line service for a description of the service provided.

Service Provided Reporting Trade-line Service Description
Lender Compliance Completion A team completes the system for you. Lender compliance items, setup your business with the credit reporting agencies, and open 10 reporting trade lines.
Virtual Business Location Operating any business from a residential address will get your business declined for financing. This service corrects that and forwards all mail.
VOIP Business Phone System Your business needs an FCC listed business phone number and a professional phone system to answer and route your calls. This service provides both.
Business Entity Assurance It is important to not only form your entity correctly but to also make sure all the required local, state, and federal filings are done right and annually.
Business Website & Email No one will take your business seriously if they cannot find you on the web and that includes lenders. You need a solid website with professional email.
SBA Compliant Business Plan Lenders want to see a business plan and the SBA requires one. Writing one to SBA guidelines can be difficult and time consuming. Work with pros to get it done.
Full Service Marketing CRM Without a full service CRM it is nearly impossible to keep track of Clients, Prospects, Leads, Promotionals, Follow-ups, etc.. This CRM does all that.
Social Media Marketing Your business must be found and have a professional presence on at least Twitter and Facebook. It can be time consuming to keep your social media up to date.
Email Marketing System Your business may want to do email marketing. It is inexpensive and can be very productive. Get help building your lists and your marketing campaigns.
Local Marketing System Lenders want to see your business is found on every mobile device search including being in the proper niche and with the correct NAP (Name, Address, Phone).

Get 10 Reporting Business Credit Trade-lines Now!

When you compare other providers for the same essential business services you will find they are 4 to 5 times more expensive, but that is NOT the point. The point is they do not create a reporting business credit trade-line and therefore they do nothing to help your business to become bankable.  We do.

Service Providers Reporting Trade-line Their Cost
Lender Compliance Completion Credit Suites, True Build, Credit Builders No $1500 to $5000
Virtual Business Location Davinci, Regus, Opus No $50 to $500
Business VOIP Phone RingCentral, Phone, Grasshopper No $20 to $250
Business Entity Assurance CSC Global, NRAI, L4SB No $300 to $1000
Business Website & Email Godaddy, Squarespace, Wix No $20 to $300
SBA Compliant Business Plan Growthink, PlanIt, Caycon No $400 to $2500
Full Service Marketing CRM SalesForce, InfusionSoft, Zoho No $50 to $1500
Social Media Marketing Velocify, Hootsuite, Meetsoci No $500 to $7500
Email Marketing System MailChimp, Klaviyo, MyEmma No $50 to $1000
Local Marketing System Staylisted, Marketing360, Reachlocal No $50 to $1000

For only $497 a month you will receive 10 of these essential business success services, each one will create a reporting business credit trade-line, and each will help your business to become bankable, sign up now if you want your business to become bankable.